Symbolic Meaning

                                  To many Christians, light symbolizes Purity, Truth, Life and Love.
                  Hidden within this verse explains why so many Christians naturally make this correlation.

                                                                       Wisdom 8:7
                                 For she teaches moderation and prudence, justice and fortitude,
                                        and nothing in life is more useful to men than these.

Moderation, Prudence, Justice, and Fortitude are the same manners in which drive the principles of Light.

Moderation: the frequency at which thoughts, desires, and actions are performed
       Light waves have frequencies; and every color is bound to a specific frequency.
       All of our interests need to be visited at a proper frequency.

Prudence: silently present, hidden but powerful, the perfected ability to make right decisions
       Light can be powerfully present and yet we can be unaware of its presence.
       This is because the power of light only becomes known when it passes into objects that accepts its penetration.       
       Right decisions are based on discipline. Do we accept discipline (Light); if so it will penetrate us with knowledge, wisdom, and life.

Justice: Truth, integrity, direction, straight, certain
       Light travels in a direction, and the direction is a straight path.
       Another name for justice is Truth.
       Do we head in the direction of Truth only when convenient, or do we honor Truth to ensure that none of it becomes bent.

Fortitude: to have endurance, the ability to tolerate long durations, to continue
       Light will traverse for an infinite distance until meeting an object that welcomes its energy to be absorbed.
       Endurance is needed to withhold from selfish desires. Through each trial, when endurance is fully matured, Life is found.

                                                         Jesus lived His life in the Light.
                                      May these crosses be an honor to everything that loves Life.
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