About the Artist

In the beginning, I was a youngster who had a sincere interest in understanding the nature of light; I was enamored by its pureness.
My pursuit for this understanding had revealed that Light and Life both behave with principles; generating the same results every time.

My understanding for the principles of Life is this:
Life flourishes under the conditions of Truth, Forgiveness, Mercy, and Sacrifice. That is because these are the elements that promote peace and continual growth. Whereas progress and continuation are halted if one decides to not forgive, or not have mercy toward another. Anyone choosing to not embrace these pure elements can not find progress toward life; instead only a dead end.

By my early thirties, I had firm belief that Light and Life shared the same purity and integrity. This passion had immersed me into building a machine designed to concentrate large amounts of sunlight. Initially this project had no firm direction other than to seek knowledge on what the intensity could achieve. Impressed with the results, I became inspired with the concept of uniting light energy with the symbol of life.

The next several years were dedicated toward maturing the machine with the capability of creating crosses. It took 2000 to 3000 failed attempts before finding success. The end product was more beautiful then I originally anticipated which led to the creation of the business Son Jewel.

To those who own one of my Crosses made from Light, I hope you enjoy it not only for its beauty and symbolism, but also because it took a lifetime of passion to create.

Artist: John Newland

Sacrifice Crucifix Necklaces Faithfulness Crucifix Necklaces Purity Crucifix Necklaces Living Waters Crucifix Necklaces Truth Crucifix Necklaces Tree of Life Crucifix Necklaces Hope Crucifix Necklaces